Omega 3 Testing
Measures percentages of omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA as a potential indicator of various health risks.
DHA Testing
Indicates whether mothers are providing adequate DHA levels to their infants through breastfeeding.
Hair Cortisol Analysis
Provides a complementary method of monitoring stress and cortisol exposure in the body over longer periods of time.
IgG Food Sensitivity
A valuable tool often used to help design elimination diets for patients with several chronic conditions.
Hair Mineral Analysis
Provides the basis for a nutritional balancing program to establish and maintain optimal levels of wellness.

Food Intolerances - the Unexpected Result

Presented by: Gini Bourner ART, MLT and Dr. Jacob Scheer DC, ND, MHSc.
November 25, 2020

A food sensitivity is a delayed reaction caused by IgG antibodies to specific foods and can lead to chronic inflammation as well as other health conditions. An IgG food intolerance test identifies specific food sensitivities assisting health practitioners to provide effective dietary recommendations for their patients.

In this webinar, our guest presenters address:

  • The role the cross-reactivity of proteins play in the interpretation of IgG food intolerance testing
  • What are panallergens?
  • Examples of cross-reactivities
  • When is a cross-reactivity clinically relevant?
  • Associated case studies

Watch the full webinar recording and/or access a PDF copy of the webinar slide deck below.
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Food Intolerances - the Unexpected Result (View/Download PDF)