Omega 3 Testing
Measures percentages of omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA as a potential indicator of various health risks.
DHA Testing
Indicates whether mothers are providing adequate DHA levels to their infants through breastfeeding.
Hair Cortisol Analysis
Provides a complementary method of monitoring stress and cortisol exposure in the body over longer periods of time.
IgG Food Sensitivity
A valuable tool often used to help design elimination diets for patients with several chronic conditions.
Hair Mineral Analysis
Provides the basis for a nutritional balancing program to establish and maintain optimal levels of wellness.

Weight Loss and Food Intolerance

Is your client attempting to lose excess fat? It has been demonstrated that chronic low-level inflammation of the body's fat cells can lead to obesity. Individuals who followed an elimination diet based on the results of a food sensitivity test lost weight, reduced their body fat mass, and had improved triglyceride levels, according to a study published in the Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 2016, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1-5.

It has been demonstrated that the elimination diet has a positive clinical effect on a variety of diseases. In the realm of personalized weight-loss diets, individuals who are unable to lose weight may benefit from an elimination diet based on the results of a food intolerance test.

Access the full study here: jfnr-4-1-1.pdf