Omega 3 Testing
Measures percentages of omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA as a potential indicator of various health risks.
DHA Testing
Indicates whether mothers are providing adequate DHA levels to their infants through breastfeeding.
Hair Cortisol Analysis
Provides a complementary method of monitoring stress and cortisol exposure in the body over longer periods of time.
IgG Food Sensitivity
A valuable tool often used to help design elimination diets for patients with several chronic conditions.
Hair Mineral Analysis
Provides the basis for a nutritional balancing program to establish and maintain optimal levels of wellness.



Lanthanum is used as anodic material in nickel-metal hydride batteries. As most of the hybrid cars use nickel-metal hydride batteries, massive quantities of lanthanum are required for their production. A typical hybrid automobile battery for a Toyota Prius requires 10 to 15 kg of lanthanum. It also has uses in certain lighting systems, fiber optical communications, and phosphate removers for use in swimming pools.

Lanthanum has no known biological role. The element is not absorbed orally, and when injected its elimination is very slow.

Lanthanum has a low to moderate level of toxicity. In animals, the injection of lanthanum solutions produces glycaemia, low blood pressure, as well as damage to the spleen and hepatic alterations.

Lanthanum appears in hair samples in smokers and patients with signs of stress.