Hair Minerals and Diet of Prader-Willi Syndrome Youth

This study investigated the relationships between mineral elements and Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) and determined which minerals, if any, separated a group of PWS individuals (N = 19)from a non-PWS mentally retarded control group (N = 60). The PWS group had significantly raised hair magnesium levels and significantly lower hair silicon levels than controis.

The PWS group was also elevated in hair calcium, magnesium, and copper in relation to laboratory standards, while their hair silicon, chromium, and lithium levels were deficient in relation to laboratory norms. Discriminant function analysis revealed that by using 16 hair minerals subjects could be correctly classified as PWS or non-PWS with 89.5% and 95.0% accuracy, respectively. It is concluded that continuing research is needed to study the relationship between mineral element patterns and PWS.

Mike Marlowe, Denis M. Medeiros, John Errera, Lydia C. Medeiros (1987 Plenum Publishing Corporation)