Hair chromium content of women with gestational diabetes compared with nondiabetic pregnant women

Hair chromium concentration (HCC) of normal and diabetic pregnant women was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy. For non-diabetic pregnant women the value from 68 hair samples was 472 ± 61 ng/g (1 ± 95% CI); for gestational diabetics it was 734 ± 155 ng/g from 42 hair samples. The difference was highly significant (P < 0.005). Intermediate hair chromium concentrations were observed in 20 pregnant women with pregestational, overt diabetes mellitus (1:575 ± 182 ng/g). Fifty-two women had a second hair sample taken later during pregnancy that showed a significant decrease in HCC (P < 0.05). However, this decrease was confirmed only for the diabetic pregnant group. Age and parity did not influence the HCC. The data suggest that impaired utilization of chromium Hair chromium concentration (HCC) of normal may be a possible etiology for gestational diabetes mellitus.

Ariel Aharoni, Betsalel Tesler, Yoav Paltieli, Joseph Tal, Zvi Don, and Mordechai Sharf (Am J C/in Nuir 1992;55:l04-7)