Copper in urine and hair in Indian childhood cirrhosis

In advanced Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC) urine copper concentration was higher (range 416-103 448 mg/g creatinine) than in other hepatic diseases (range 67-10 303 mg/g creatinine). In early ICC urine copper concentration was more modestly raised (1188-9470 mg/g creatinine), but rose to high values (2222-42 819 mg/g creatinine) after a single dose of penicillamine 20 mg/kg.- A post-penicillamine urinary copper:creatinine ratio >10 000 mg/g supports a diagnosis of ICC. The concentration of copper in the hair, while increased in advanced ICC, is of no diagnostic value in early cases.

H R Patel, S A Bhave, A N Pandit, and M S Tanner (Archives of Disease in Childhood, 1988)